My Path of Life

I arrived on planet Earth in 1976. First I was like every human being     'incarnated Consciousness', but step by step I got more and more conditionnned and forgot about the Essence of my being. So I had to adapt in order to survive in Society.

My Hypersensitivity and most of all the deep suffering that went along with it during more than 30 years, pushed me to look for Truth and the Essence.

During many years I was looking outside myself for solutions, without success and finally I've found it within me.

I am finally able to love my personality in every single part, so also the parts that my personality considers as dark-sides.

I am able to access the peaceful non-judging space within, which just notices what happens. From that space I explore and Love every part of my personality and these parts within other people.

Heart on Healing

a new approach for the actual society



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Adresse : Hinnestraat 10, 8550 Zwevegem